Web Site Advertising Tip: Text Links Earned Me A Fortune When I Dumped Banner Ads

Before I tell my web-advertising-tip-story about what text links have done for my business, I want you to imagine a situation where you are eagerly seeking information on some medication on the net. Suddenly, out of nowhere an advertisement about some miracle penis size-enhancing thing pops up right in front of you. And to make matters worse, you’re some nice lady who does not own a penis. Get my drift?

Banner advertisements prominently displayed at a web site where you are looking for information are almost as bad. My point is that banner advertisements, even when they are not pop-ups are pretty offensive because nobody logs onto the web to be advertised to.

And the figures tell the whole story better than any words can. I once experimented with a banner ad that was viewed almost 100,000 times without a single soul clicking on it. On the same page was a small text link advertising the same product that received hundreds of clicks.

Before I carried out this web advertising experiment, I was already aware of how powerful text links were, but I had never compared the two before. My web-advertising story is so simple that it may disappoint you. All I did from that day was to dump all banner ads and I replaced them with text links and resource boxes complete with links at the bottom of information-packed articles.

To date that particular business I was advertising on the web brings me tens of thousands of dollars on a regular basis and I have never engaged in any other form of advertising save the one I have just described. And it is free. I kid you not.

The hype peddler’s intentions towards your wallet or credit card are always suspect, but they are right when they say free web advertising works. I am not trying to sell you anything and I am telling you that it is the only advertising I do and yet I earn a pretty good living exclusively online.

Free Web Site Advertising

While there are companies that charge from $13 to as much as $40 for web site advertising, there are some that provide services for free. If you are finding it hard and costly to pay for an excellent website advertising company to do the job of increasing your website’s traffic, you can start your advertising campaign with the following:

Forums – A lot of people enter webmaster forums, and typically, these are people of with the same interests, needs and wants. Finding the right forum that matches your website and allows free posting of ads like links to your site or your newsletters can surely help you generate great traffic for your site.

In the forums, you can talk about the particular topic that interests you and others as well. It would be best if the topic is related to your site, so you can maximize probability of repeat visits from them.

Web Directories – There are some online directories that accept submissions without charging anything. Although directories do not guarantee direct traffic, more directory listings can increase your search engine rankings.

For you to locate the top ranking directories where you can possibly place your site, just search for “directory,” plus the particular specialty of your website, say “directory watches” if you are selling watches in your website.

Free link exchanges – Exchanging links with other related sites is another inexpensive yet efficient means of generating more traffic for your website. Chiefly, you gain direct traffic from the site, and you gain traffic from search engines since as you gain linking popularity, you also increase in search engine ranking.

Take note, however, that linking with non-related sites can also be detrimental to your ranking, so make sure that you swap links with related and high quality websites. Also, make your link titles attractive.

These three are only some of your options, you can also give testimonials in exchange of links to your site, write and submit newsletters and articles with links to your site or submit your site manually to some major search engines. Explore the Internet for many other options. If you don’t succeed in the next few days or weeks, don’t be discouraged. Success in every business, doesn’t happen over night, it entails a lot of hard work and commitment.

Web Site Advertising

Everyday, millions of people of varying interests, needs and wants are utilizing the Internet for great variety of reasons. One is to search for information on almost all kinds of topics.

It does not take a business expert to recognize that the Internet–it being a convergence point of people from all walks of life–offers a great opportunity for business expansion and high profit; thus, almost all businesses nowadays are geared towards web site advertising.

What is website advertising? How does it differ from online marketing?

In general, advertising refers to the promotion of goods and services, organization or ideas by means of techniques and schemes that convince consumers to buy products, services or ideas. Traditional techniques include testimonials, bandwagon, association and appeal to emotion.

Now that the Internet has become very popular, a new form of advertising has emerged–web site advertising. It covers a wide range of activities such as posting ads in web sites, use of banners and popups, placing keyword-rich articles or web site page contents and posting links in the pages of the web site. All these means of website advertising are aimed at increasing traffic to the website, which consequently leads to more sales.

Online marketing on the other hand is a more general term that covers all processes that are carried out to achieve goals of both the company and the consumers. It covers planning, setting up prices, promotion and the distribution of the products or services.

Website advertising is just part of the promotional strategies employed by online marketers. Other marketing strategies include press releases, newsletters, and submission of links to online directories, auto responders and posting ads in discussion forums.

Since advertising plays a big role in the company’s success, it needs great attention, careful planning and strict implementation. For this reason, most companies and common website owners who want to increase website traffic seek the help of service providers specializing in website advertising.

If you have a website you use for your business, it is advisable to hire website advertising specialists for guaranteed web site advertising success. Aside from optimizing your site’s profitability, these companies also offer complete site analysis, submission of your site to major search engines and other site maintenance and monitoring services.