7 Must Have Web Site Advertising Strategies

Let’s face it, we all need a little more traffic in our life, right? So how do you get loads of traffic to your site, web site advertising. Yes, we have to advertise our business in some way, shape or form to get traffic to our sites and products.

Sometimes this can be very tricky and expensive at the same time. Luckily, your reading this article or you might fall prey to ignorance. With all the different sites and people online promising you to notch advertising, it can get a little confusing. You have to watch out for scams at all times. Take it easy, I have some great tips below you can use when looking for advertising avenues.

Tip #1 Get your name or brand out there by writing reviews on products or services in your industry. Over time and if done correctly you’ll establish trust within your industry.

Tip #2 Write press releases on a regular basis about your business and anything pertaining to the field your in. This is more brand recognition than anything else.

Tip #3 Put up an opt-in form on your site to collect the names and email addresses of potential clients. Offer them free advice via a newsletter.

Tip #4 Write your own e book or report related to your industry and give it away to establish good will and trust with people in your market.

Tip #5 Continue to keep your company name visible in your market via article submissions and blog commenting.

Tip #6 Keep your name and brand in the minds of the people in your market by being where they are. For example, visit and contribute to the top forums in your market.

Tip #7 Use surveys to gather information on exactly what your customers wants and needs are so you can give it to them in the future.

These are just a few tips you can freely use that have worked for many companies online. The key with advertising on line is to keep your face or brand in front of the people so they become accustomed to it thus building familiarity and trust. This should be core responsibility of your business. There will always be competition in your market and if you don’t stay relevant, you’ll lose market share quickly. Your competitors are always looking for an advantage to take market share from you, don’t give them the satisfaction.

Powerful Free Web Site Advertising Methods – 10 Articles, Over 1000’s Monthly Visitors!

Ok, today I am coming back from one forum and the guy in there is complaining about one article directory, so here is a free web site advertising method you can do to drive traffic to your site. Now yes it deals with articles as well! And even ezine articles can help you with this if you do it right!

Now, you are going to write only 10 articles, that is it and these 10 articles will drive 1000’s of monthly visitors to your site. Your original article need to be HIGH quality content where you explain to people how to do something. This quality content has to be WOW, really mind blowing! 

I recommend you send traffic to the free guide in an exchange for their e-mail, but that is me, as I like to capture the leads so I can work a little less. 

Now, it is important that you work with “targeted” niche of people such as “affiliate marketers”, “SEO marketers”, or “weight loss after pregnancy niche”, you kind of need to be able to label these people! 

Write these 10 articles over the 2-5 days. Do not do too much at once, just make it really high quality. 

Pick 10 topics, and create that high quality article. You see, there are people in SEO who want to know how to get a HIGH PR link back to their site for free, or a person who is trying to lose weight wants to know an easy method to do so, so that is exactly what you give them a strategy!

The content, has to explain how to do it, and most importantly, it has to be proven to work! If it is a weight loss method, some great tips are a must for sure!

Once you are done with writing your articles, find relevant keywords that have 30-50 daily searches and make sure your competition web pages are under 50K! Of course do an on page optimization for your keywords as well!

Now you need to find niche relevant sites (not a direct competitors), who are going to accept your content at no cost. If the content is good, you have a really high probability of getting that content on site! The sites you are looking for are blogs and forums! And yes, you might get few people who will ask for money, BUT most of them will not!  And if your content has a chance of being on the front page of high traffic forum, it is a good investment as for maybe $100 you will get 10,000 views of your article.

So all you really need is a quality content, HIGH traffic niche targeted site, and an owner willing to accept your content. BUT by using this free website advertising method, it can really mean you will get 100’s of visitors to your site daily by just writing 10 high quality articles.

Web Site Advertising – The Magic Of Using A Freelance Writer

It bothers me how people insist on continuing to spend fortunes on web site banner advertising and other forms of online advertising even when they are still receiving a fraction of a percentage in terms of a response and end up with very little to show for all the good money they have spent. But most folks just keep on spending hoping for some sort of miracle.

The reason it bothers me is that there is a simple alternative where all you need is an online freelance writer or content provider who understands a little SEO (search engine optimization) and also understands just a little marketing and the results will be nothing short of magical and miraculous. And not only will you get a much better response from your advertising but your money will have been much better invested so much so that from a small campaign you do today, you can expect to receive healthy returns in terms of traffic for years and years to come.

Why Most People Have No Idea How Articles Can Be Used For Web Site Advertising
You may have met many folks who swear that promotional articles are a waste of time. If you enquire further you will find that they’ve had a bad experience with article marketing because all they did was write a few articles and post them at article directories. How can any intelligent person expect a decent response from that? After all that’s what everybody else does. The best you can expect from a stunt like this, assuming that you use a super high traffic articles directory, is a dozen hits or so in the first day, which quickly dwindles to zero by the second day.

The right way to use articles to generate tons of traffic for any site is to start out with a freelance online writer who is aware of the two main objectives promotional articles must aim to achieve.

Firstly promotional articles should be used as a way to quickly build one-way links pointing to your site. The way to do this is to include at least two links in the resource box and one in the main body of the article. The anchor text you use for the links are terribly important and have to be selected carefully with your SEO strategy in mind. What will usually happen is that if your article is any good, other webmasters will see it and re-post it at their sites complete with your links. Others will link directly to it.

Secondly you should use the articles you write as mini sites on their own capable of a high ranking with search engines for various popular keywords. Naturally a substantial amount of traffic they receive will be directed to your site. It does not matter whether you post the article at your site or at a high traffic articles directory site.